specialist in Japanese Meiji Ornamental Textiles
specialist in Japanese Meiji Ornamental Textiles

about us

My passion is working with antique Japanese silk embroideries, Yuzen cut-velvets and Oshi-e of the Meiji period.

I completed a study in Fine Arts and Antiques at Syntra in Brussels. Before that, when I studied at Art Academy, I had a strong desire for working sustainably and decided I wanted to conserve instead of create. I was already interested in antiques and so I made a switch.

In 2012 I attended a symposium and exposition on Japanese Ornamental Textiles of the Meiji Period at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and I fell in love.
I graduated my study at Syntra with the thesis ‘Shishu – Painting with needle and thread.’

In the years that followed I carefully build up a collection. Through copious self-study and by collecting and dealing I gained experience and knowledge.

In 2018 I had the great pleasure of opening my own gallery specialised in these beautiful silk works of Art. We sell Japanese silk embroideries (Nihon Shishū), Yuzen cut-velvets (Yūzen Birodo), woven tapestries (Tsuzure Ori) and padded silk figures (Oshi-e) of the Meiji period.

I believe that Japanese decorative silk Artworks made in the Meiji period are of the highest quality. Beautifully made with extraordinary craftsmanship and minute attention to detail. These works often emulate nature and come alive with light. Light bounces off the silk and creates shadows and movement, sometimes we may even feel like we are looking through a window. This is a big part of the magic that makes these works so attractive.

I love to find these works, researching them, and taking great care in preserving and protecting them for new generations to enjoy.

It is my great joy to offer these wonderful works to you.


– we think beauty matters in this world & what we want is to bring you wonderful things –